Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Hannah Additions

Baby Hannah was not the happiest little girl the first session I had with her. Hannah's mom and I decided to give it another try..and of course it turned out to be an extremely cold day out. I think we still got some really cute shots and the mismatched hat just adds to it all :) 







While in New York I made my friend Jeff be one of my models. He had just gotten out of an interview. Such a cute, fashionable New Yorker.

IMG_0571 copy.jpgMNMN.jpgIMG_05651.jpgIMG_05632.jpgIMG_05622.jpgIMG_05602.jpgIMG_05592.jpgIMG_05562.jpgIMG_0585right.jpgIMG_0580 copy.jpgIMG_0576right.jpgIMG_0552.jpgIMG_0553LJKL.jpg

Saturday, December 4, 2010


While my best friend Jenna and I were in New York, I had to take advantage of one of my favorite spots in the city, Central Park! For those who do not know me, I lived in Manhattan last fall. I absolutely love the city. I was fortunate enough to live a few blocks from the park. My roommates and I had so many fun fall afternoons just enjoying the weather, people watching, and taking photos. Here are a few of my favorites from Jenna's shoot!

IMG_0733.jpgIMG_0791 copy.jpgJenna1 copywm.jpgjenna1wm.jpgJenna2wm.jpgIMG_0833 copy.jpgIMG_0797 copy.jpgJenna3 copy.jpgIMG_0735 copy.jpgJenna4 copy.jpgjenna55.jpgIMG_06823.jpg

Cuneio Family

Such a sweet family with the happiest little boy :)